This is how we can help you market

And grow your business… FOR FREE

It’s easy, and Free.

It’s a very simple process to get your offer on our site and get your cog in our marketing wheel turning.

Complete Control.

As a participating Local FunPass business you set your deals, you set the expiration dates, you call the shots!

Expand your Digital Marketing Presence.

Partnering with Local FunPass gives you access to a virtual marketing department and people that want to help you succeed. Our platform will provide easy to use marketing tools for you to engage online and via social media.

Create Goodwill in Your Community.

The best way to make an impact with your business is to make an impact in your community. We offer a unique opportunity for local businesses to get involved with dozens of local organizations on a grass roots level.

The Right Customers At The Right Time.

Our targeted digital marketing campaigns will feature your business at the right time to the right customer ready and actively looking to make a purchase.

A Large Sales Force of Volunteers.

Each fundraising campaign is comprised of a team of enthusiastic individuals selling our membership to further their causes.

The Perfect Partnership.

We offer a benefit to our members as well as our participating businesses by helping you find each other. Members get the benefits of great deals while our participating businesses see more traffic when you need it most.


Currently there is no cost or charge for a business to participate in Local FunPass or The Community Card by Local FunPass. What is mandatory is that you offer a discount for your goods or services. The discount amount, time frame, terms and conditions are up to you. You are only obligated to honor you discount to Local FunPass and The Community Card members when presented to you. In return for your business listing and discount offered we will promote your business with a page on our platform. Local independent businesses also get the benefits of our social media platform promotions and access to paid advertising spots on our website if they so choose.

  1. The majority of the business’ ownership is private, by employees, the community, or an area cooperative, and is resident to the community in which it’s based.
  2. Decision-making authority is vested in the local owners and not subject to conditions dictated remotely.
  3. The business has a limited number of outlets and geographic range. Full decision-making function for the business is held by the local owner(s), including the name, signage, brand, appearance, purchasing, etc.
  4. The business is not supported by a national marketing budget from a corporate office.  The business is solely responsible for paying its own rent, marketing, and other expenses.
  5. The business relies solely on its unique name and reputation (ie, does not “wear” a regionally or nationally recognized brand name).
  6. The business operates out of a physical storefront, local office or similar.  It is not a vendor (ie, does not sell wholesale).

Local FunPass and The Community Card by Local FunPass are two platforms with the stated mission to support our LOCAL Communities including local businesses, residents and fundraising organizations. While franchises are generally an intrical part of our downtowns, our local independently owned businesses make up the fabric of our communities. They do this without a regional or national affiliation, brand recognition or marketing budget. That said, while we are happy to offer placement on our platform for franchises, our social media and other marketing efforts only showcase independent local businesses.

The better the deal the more prominent it will be with our promotion of your business and will be accessed by more of our members.  Our most popular deals are BOGO or 50% off specials for retail businesses, and 15% or more as well as “Free with a purchase of” with our F&B partners.

A deal must run for a minimum of 3 months but understand you control your deal.  At anytime you would like to update your deal, change days, times, values you can do so.

Yes. It makes sense since you control your deal. Setting it up for a year saves you from hearing from us to renew. You can remove your deal at any time if you’re getting TOO BUSY with FUNPASS members (would that be so bad?).

We don’t…yet. We’ve invested a lot into this platform in both time and money. We are also local independent business owners and though participation in local community boards, groups, etc. We saw the need to help drive more business to our downtowns. Once the site traffic warrants it, we will charge for advertising placement on certain premium sections of the site. Currently, we also take a percentage of very pass sold to recoup the cost of building out the technology platforms.

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